The “Big Sky” Sound

Way Up South has been tearing up the New England club and festival scene and rapidly gaining a reputation as an explosive live band with a deep well of compelling original music and stellar musicianship.  

Fresh vocal harmonies, instrumental virtuosity, and dynamic energy transference between the musicians and the audience are the hallmarks of Way Up South.





Way Up South's expansive sound incorporates a maturity and musicianship that weaves in and out of southern, blues, country, jazz, and Americana rock—music whose precision and finesse still retain the loose spacey qualities that epitomize  improvisational rock bands.  This style has earned them the right to call their music "Big Sky" sound.

Their debut release, ‘Big Sky’ has been added to the rotation at Boston’s 92.5, The River, and is receiving airplay at many regional college and internet radio stations, including New England Music Awards, MIT and U Mass Lowell.


Charley Corrazo


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“Highlighted by superb vocals and excellent musical arrangements, Way Up South knows the meaning of a hook and exhibits their considerable songwriting process song after song." 

 - Metronome Magazine, January, 2016

The album’s leadoff track, ‘Further On’, an “epic” according to Boston’s

92.5 The River Homegrown Music Showcase host, Crozby, “takes the conceit of a damaged friendship - perhaps literal, perhaps something less platonic - and takes that hope of that friendship as its emotional catalyst, each note pushing skyward in spiraling patterns, plateauing mid-song before escalating again. It’s a song steeped in optimism and the positive vibe gives the music sprawl a sense of power.”     

- Victor Infante, Worcester Telegram and Gazette

'The guitars loll like a river, punctuated by strained notes and fills that evoke the moment before the gunfight in an old-time Western. The sound – which the band refers to as 'Big Sky”– conjures images of the music stretching out across wide deserts and grand vistas, disappearing into the horizon."

-  Worcester Telegram and Gazette (of the album track "Ghost")

Album artwork


Track Listing:

1. Further On
2. Country Time
3. Ghost
4. Until Then
5. Just One Night

6. Down Like Rain


Album Tracks





Lead vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Charley Carrozo says of the new album Big Sky:

“Most of all, we made a record that represents our aspirations and passions. That is why we are all so proud of this record. The album was recorded with no restraints on the music...


The sound of Way Up South is supposed to be felt as much as heard, just like at a live show, and between the mixes and the performances, I think we achieved that with this first album.”

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